Jason Bio:


Jason Torres has been working as a documentary photographer for over 15 years. He approaches all subjects with an anthropological respect, as well as an artistically trained eye. His work has taken him from NY to Holland, where he lived for 6 months making portraits on the streets of Amsterdam. He continued his travels as far as Italy, France, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the U.S., where a 15,000-mile car drive is among the many photo essays that he has completed during his career. Torres is a dedicated professional that focuses on detail. He brings a new fresh outlook to every photo shoot and strives to utilize new and innovative ideas, while combining these with classic photographic techniques and processes. His arsenal of cameras is comprised mostly of antique models, dating back as far as one hundred years, and shooting in both medium and large format film types. He has worked extensively using alternative film and printing methods, including platinum palladium, cyanotype, collotype, gum bicromate, as well as intaglio photo reproduction. He has also spent many hours working with scanning electron microscopy, making large-scale photographs of microscopic subjects that transcend into space-like landscapes. Jason specializes in black and white darkroom printing, as well as digital large-format printing. He has spent more than half his life making photographs, and passionately continues his photographic journey as a curious observer of life. 





N.Y. Vintage Camera Works has been striving for photographic excellence since it was established in 2005. It was founded by its sole proprietor, Jason Torres, who has taken aim at many large medical, research and health establishments across the nation. Work produced by Torres can be found in books, internal publications, medical journals, and has a significant online presence. NYVCW is dedicated to photograph its subjects with both passion and professionalism, always operating in an efficient manner and within a client’s budget. Our goal at NYVCW is to provide top quality images that not only capture the viewer’s interest, but also supports the mission of the client by highlighting its best features, and its positive impact on the community.